up to 30%

AMA Roller increases speed, accuracy, and quality!


AMA Roller® is a pipe rotator that is suitable for both prefabrication workshops and job sites. The device rotates pipes at the desired speed and the welder doesn’t have to constantly change positions.

AMA Roller – Industrial pipe welder’s best friend.


No more rotating pipes by hand – Eliminates stop and start welding - Ergonomic work positions.

Weighs only 23 kg – easy to move around

Adjustable rotating speed and direction

Foot pedal-operated – very easy and unambiguous to use

Suitable for pipe diameters from 30 mm to 508 mm

The rotator can be easily turned to an upright position

Manufactured in Finland

AMA Roller® makes many work phases easier

  • Facilitates cutting with an angle grinder
  • Easier, faster welding and assembling tack welding. No interruptions; the seam resembles a robot weld.
  • Cleaning of back welds and brushing of seams
  • Suitable for all manual welding methods: MIG, MAG, TIG, and MMA
  • Enables welding of difficult materials in one ergonomic position
  • Quicker brushing of stainless steel seams


“The idea of developing AMA Roller® was born in 2014, when we had purchased the AMA pipe welding tool business operation. Having worked long as a supervisor responsible for results in a machine shop environment, I contemplated if it would be possible to develop a compact, functional pipe rotator for industrial pipe welding. Existing devices were massive, expensive rotators meant for large production series, and most welding contractors were not able to purchase them, not mention use them in field conditions at the job site.”


“Behind the development work were many facts acknowledged in the sector, such as a chronic shortage of good pipe welders and differences in skill levels between individuals. I thought that by developing a pipe roller that is suitable for both preparatory workshops and job sites, it would be possible to bring more even quality, productivity, and above all enjoyment to the welder’s work. Non-ergonomic work positions, rotating pipes by hand, continuous interruptions, and heavy handling phases awakened the thought: professionals deserve to one day retire healthy! One important objective was also to enable pipe welding in one ergonomic position. As I observed welders’ work methods, the idea evolved via several prototypes toward a finished product. I repeatedly asked myself: why hasn’t this ever been invented before? And so do current users.

The final result is simple, and after numerous tests and several different development versions it is a finished top product. It has required solving of countless problems encountered during its development. I didn’t look for easy solutions; the requirements mentioned above were always clear in my mind. The product’s structure had to be simple, extremely durable, and above all easy to use. AMA Roller® has received the European Patent and users have given us outstanding feedback.

MAG welding is an efficient and productive welding method, but until now its use in process pipe welding has been very challenging. A great source of inspiration in the development work has been the realization that our product solves this problem, because the pipe rotates at a constant speed and the welding is done in one standard position. It is worthwhile for every contractor that does industrial pipe welding to purchase this Finnish AMA Roller® and thereby boost labor productivity, improve work conditions, and make work more enjoyable.”

Markku Impiö
AMA Roller® product developer
Welner Oy


Boosts welding production up to 30% at the annual level

The device simply makes our welding and installation work easier and more efficient. I have assessed and calculated that its use boosts our welding production up to 30% at the annual level. What’s more, it promotes physical occupational wellness and makes work more enjoyable. Our employees do not want to quit using the product, and this says much about the Roller’s significance. Compared with other equivalent devices, the practicality of this device is superior. The welder always takes AMA Roller® along to job sites like ordinary pipe stands. But now the stand has a pipe rotator, so rotating happens with the same device.

Paul Heiskanen, KPH Tech Oy


The professional can concentrate on the essential

Our experiences in using the device have all been positive. In our prefabrication workshop we typically handle 200–250-mm pipes, which AMA Roller is able to rotate in daily use without any kinds of problems. With five AMA Rollers our manual welding production has speeded up significantly, since the welders are able to concentrate on the essential, and the improved quality also lessens the need for finishing and fixing. Earlier we used disk rotators to rotate pipes, but AMA Roller is a significant innovation in this sector. I haven’t seen such a lightweight, functional, and easy-to-use device on the market before.

Jaakko Pietilä, Fineweld Oy

Welders do not want to go back to previous methods

I was purchasing welding stands and was also looking for a reasonable-sized and reasonably priced pipe rotator. We typically have many phases in our preparatory work, where we (TIG) weld acid-resistant pipes and attach many kinds of components to them. When purchasing AMA Roller it was clear that welding time would be used more efficiently, because there would be less stopping and starting. The time spent in TIG welding has been reduced by 20–30%. Over a year’s experience has shown that the device is more versatile that we expected. We rotate all kinds of components that we used to have to rotate by hand. Our welders do not want to go back to previous work methods. 

Jorma Oivo, Tarmamet Oy


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